We practice Business Law within NewLaw philosophy. NewLaw is a fresh approach to the practice of law that means business understanding, flexible pricing and profound communication.

We believe in for-purpose service rather than legal technicalities coldly mastered.

We deliver what is called “horizon expertise”: we see what’s coming instead of just solving current problems. We fight for prevention of legal issues, not just firefight.

“I praise business law that works well in your service. And what works well comes towards you at a reasonable price. It’s a promise.”

About us

Our battle cry

The world has changed and it keeps changing as we speak.
We sense that the days of traditional law practice are numbered.

We acknowledge the value of context understanding in business and that of human affinity in interactions. We dare to see law as no longer an impenetrable expertise that only we master.

Law practice is a mere tool in the hands of business people, not an end in itself.
We value business law that works well in your service. And what works well comes to you at a reasonable price. It’s a our promise.

Our mission

We are in the business of law to add value to other businesses.
Our pledge is to offer meaningful legal services which are reasonably priced.

Our operating principles

What you pay:

  • You do not pay for our time, but for your desired outcomes.
  • You do not simply pay for overheads, but for the real value of our service.
  • We don’t invest heavily in the design of our offices, preferring the flexibility of remote work sometimes: it is quicker and more effective for all parties. What defines us is not the costly art collection at our headquarters but the comprehensive approach to your business needs and finding the right solution.

What you get:

  • We deliver accurate legal expertise paired with business acumen. We delve into businesses to be able to generate desirable outcomes..
  • We thrive emotionally on working with people, not with mere institutions. Law is meant for the people.
  • We are a law firm where the maturity of the partners is complemented by the vital drive of the young professionals that we hire. We are on the look out for self-driven and talented people who bring their passion to work.
  • We don’t wear suits, as formalism inhibits our creativity and self- expression.
  • Our core principles do no prevent us from thinking outside the box.
Last but not least, it’s the good coffee we enjoy together with our clients. Maybe it’s no wonder that our former clients are our current friends.

Our Values

Entrepreneurial in mindset

  • We act on behalf of businesses as if we had shares. There is no other way to add value than that.
  • We don’t create partnerships; we foster liaisons that go sometimes beyond the contract. The extra mile is in our standard package.

Know how in-depth

  • We might be young but we are knowledgeable.
  • And especially because we are young, we are updated, we breathe the air of our times, we thrive on change and embed technology in our business behaviors.
  • We make this job by choice and by passion and part of our internal DNA is to always hire fresh blood.
  • The practice of law must feed on the news and walk with the pace of our times.

Commitment to result

  • We take an assignment with a fresh mind and pledge to delve into its corners for three main reasons, basically:
  • To solve efficiently, effectively and timely a client’s problem.
  • To counsel clients for the future, prevent issues and insure protection.
  • To extract intellectual satisfaction from our job. For ourselves.

Challenger vigor

  • Status quo in our industry got boring.
  • Because we have the privilege of youth we are well anchored in the reality we live today and we sense the need for freshness: in the way we approach the law and make it work for the business laws, in the way we behave, in the way we dress even. The need for change is our mental constant.


AndrewID is the first touch of NewLaw on the Romanian legal market and has imprinted in its creed finding solutions for its clients in accordance with the legal resourcing needs they have. Such approach implies full adaptability to the client’s needs and flexibility in solutions and fees (fixed fee, daily/weekly/monthly fees, wholesale hours). Therefore, we provide 2 types of services: in-house services and counselling services.



Andrei Nicolescu

Marina Drangă

Bogdan Ilie


Adela Gabriela Voica

Adriana Pantelimon

Alexandra Iancu

Cristina Grădinariu

Lavinia Capus

Teodora Tabără



We recruit talented young lawyers who regard their job as the perfect opportunity to assist their clients with ultimate dedication and improve daily their expertise. We understand the importance of a good match in our team, so we place a lot of importance on face-to-face discussions.

Till we get to know each other though, please leave here your message for us and your CV and we’ll reach back to you.

Contact us

If you like what you’ve just seen, we are more than willing to discuss your counseling needs over a coffee.

We are here to add value through what we know, to help your business solve issues and build nice relationship.



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